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Rinat Goldwater


The multiplicity of my artistic expressions stems from a constant inner restlessness, both  as a person and as an artist. The ‘mini volcano’ inside is constantly  and quietly bubbling away until it erupts in a torrent of lava and flame that manifests itself in an almost uncontrollable, intuitive burst of creation. The world around me is an endless source of inspiration. Everything is sculptural.


It sometimes happens that I start working on a piece for days on end, to the point that it is nearly finished. But then I stop and put it aside for a while. The good thing is that I always go back to the piece that has been waiting for my attention. I live by the motto that  once you have started something you should always bring it to completion, no matter what. 


While  examining the work closely from all its angles and forms, I realise that the time that has passed has actually contributed greatly to my looking at the work in a different light and in a clearer vision.  The inner volcano is then becomes dormant and I can now reflect on things calmly and immerse myself into the challenging  creative process in a more peaceful manner.  

Rinat (née Renée) is a sculptor who works from a London-based multidisciplinary studio. An accomplished artist with a passion for expressing creativity through artistic processes, she places great value on selecting the right materials to produce her artworks. She skilfully utilises a diverse range of materials, including bronze, resin, jesmonite, steel, and stucco marmo - a 16th-century alchemic method for crafting made stone in a marbleised form. This labor intensive technique demands years of practice and precision to master, a journey where Rinat persistently hones her skills while defining her distinct artistic language.


Although Rinat's primary focus is sculpture, she is also drawn to the subtle interplay between art and design, which inspires her to create original design pieces. Each creation stands as a testament to her artistic vision, as she seamlessly blends sculpture and design to craft visually eye-catching works.

Rinat has work in collections in the U.S.A, Dubai, Australia, Nigeria, Hong Kong and the UK.

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